18" GotWay Msuper V3 (67V, 820Wh)

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18" GotWay Msuper V3 (67V, 820Wh)

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Model Number: Gotway Msuper V3

Wheel Size: 18inches (472mm)
Pedal Height: 145mm
Unit Weight: 21kg
Color: Black

Dimensions: 470mm(H), 550mm(L), 175mm(W) - 389mm with pedals unfolded

Electric Motor Power: 1500W (3000W+ MAX)
Max Climbing Angle: 25° (70kg rider at full charge)
Max Speed: 40km/h
Rider MAX Weight: 150kg

Msuper V3S+ Battery: Sanyo 18650
Voltage: 84V
Battery Lifespan: over 1200 charge/discharge cycles
Charger: 84V, 126W, 1.5A
Certification: CE, RoHS, MSDS, UN38.3, FCC, etc.
Warranty: Motor, PCB, Battery 1 year; other parts - one month.

                                                                 Battery Size:

Capacity (Watt Hours): 820
Range Per Charge (km): 150
Charging Time (hours):


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