KingSong KS-S18 (84V, 1110Wh)

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odel Number: KingSong KS-S18 1110Wh, 2200W

Wheel Size: 18 inches (457mm)
Material ABS+PC
Unit Weight:48.5lbs (17 kg)
Color: White / Black Matte

Dimensions: 557mm(H), 530mm(L), 200mm(W)
Motor Power: 2200W
Max Speed: 31miles (50km/h)
Rider MAX Weight: 265lbs (120kg)
Range 62miles (100 km)

Battery: 1100Wh
Voltage: 84V, 2.5A
Charging time 6hr

Warranty: Motor, PCB,1 year; Battery 6 months, other parts - one month.


Automatic high/beam low beam  

Retractable ergonomic handle for lifting and pushing the unit

Rear braking and turning signals

Extra Large 10" Pedals Equipped

3" tire

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