14" GotWay MCM4 (67V, 340Wh)

14" GotWay MCM4 (67V, 340Wh)

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The already powerful 14" 800Watt MCM4 model has been revised by GotWay in 2016 with the launch of the High Speed version (over 22mph top speed).

The benefits of MCM4 over other GotWay models are:

  • high reliability (time-tested model with excellent safety features),
  • light weight (convenient to carry up or down the stairs, easy to learn to jump),
  • compact size (easier to make tight turns),
  • attractive design (the fun colored LED strip also serves as the battery level indicator).

At EUC.NYC we recommend MCM4-HS to a beginner EUC rider (because lighter and smaller EUC is easier to learn to ride on), to someone who mostly rides in the city, with occasional off-roading.

GotWay MCM4-HS is extremely attractive compared to other manufacturer models, considering its affordability, reliability, safety (featuring both the alarms and tiltback), high speed and hill climbing capability, and long range (15-40 miles on one charge). Batteries are made in Japan.



Model Number: GotWay MCM4-HS (high speed)

Wheel Size: 14inches (356mm)
Pedal Height: 100mm
Unit Weight: 12.5-14.6kg
Color: White / Carbon / Black

Dimensions: 440mm(H), 380mm(L), 150mm(W) - 190mm with pedals unfolded
Electric Motor Power: 800W
Max Climbing Angle: 25° (70kg rider at full charge)
Max Speed: 36km/h
Rider MAX Weight: 120kg

Battery: Panasonic NCR18650PF / Sony US18650NC1
Voltage: 67.2V
Battery Lifespan: over 1000 charge/discharge cycles
Charger: 67.2V, 117.6W, 1.75A

Certification: CE, RoHS, MSDS, UN38.3, KC, FCC, etc.
Warranty: Motor, PCB, Battery 1 year; other parts - one month.

                                                              Battery Sizes

Capacity (Watt Hours): 260 340 520 680
Range Per Charge (km): 26 34 52 68
Charging Time (hours): 2.3 2.9 4.5 5.8
EUC Total Weight (kg): 12.5 12.6 14.5 14.6


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